Goodbye: Brittany

If you ever chance upon this blog by some mysterious accident, I want you to know this: you have not only lost me, but my friendship and trust as well. I wish it didn’t have to come to this but I have no regrets making this choice to put a barrier between us.


After we began getting closer, I noticed you starting to disrespect me as someone older than you. You would always insult my decisions and choices and wanted things to go your way. Whenever I said something, you would be quick to contradict me to feed your own pride. I have respected you as my best friend and thought highly of you, but your actions seem to convince me otherwise. You need to realize that you are entitled to your own opinions but not everyone is going to agree with it and you need to respect their opinions as well. Just because you think differently does not mean that they are wrong.


In case you wonder how you have been rude to me, here are some examples. I have knee problems if I run for an extended period and you know that, Nevertheless, when I took a break on our run, you insulted me for being lazy. You gave my mom an attitude when she took us somewhere different eat just because you did not want to eat there. You badmouthed me to my brother when he never asked for your opinion and kept telling him that I’m salty. Yes, I’m upset because we made the 45 minute trip all the way to downtown KL just to be told that we were not allowed to take pictures. I was not aware of that. You slept in late and told my family that I was the one who took a long time getting ready. And who the hell do you think you are that you can threaten to shut my computer if I do not get off the call with my boyfriend immediately? I rarely see him and talking to each other has been our nightly ritual. I won’t let you, someone who has been with me every single minute for seven days, come in between me and my boyfriend.


I appreciate our time spent together as best friends but sadly, it has to come to an end. Honestly, I highly regret letting you meet my boyfriend. Not only were you wanting to treat him like a child, you also told me that I cannot ignore you. You sent him away, wanting to shop with me instead but not only did we not have a pleasant dinner, I felt apologetic towards Burhan for how you treated him. I wish I had just let him be with us, with me, instead of being sent away after the movie. That was the last time we had a date, and you ruined it.


If you cannot respect me or my boyfriend, you will receive no respect in return. I have told you that I will not and cannot forgive you for the stress you have placed on my family and the unnecessary burden. My family does not view you kindly and by doing what you have done, you have just tarnished your own name.


You might feel offended at this post, if you ever read it, but let me assure you that I only care to speak the truth with you.


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