20 • 02 • 17

I thought I was finally prepared to leave the earth without tears. I was wrong.


Today, my after school hours was spent reading posts on the various makeup groups I’m in on Facebook. A post caught my attention. Someone was asking for advice on what to do when your friends ignore you because you are in a relationship and I gave her some advice. A completely different girl comes and says ‘You broke up with him didn’t you?’ and proceeds to rant about how I should not treat best friends that way when she has absolutely no idea how I have been treated by my ‘best friend’. Sensing a potential drama evolving, I deleted the comment and reposted my original comment, intending to solely help and not cause trouble. Several minutes later, my phone lit up with a message. I received a hate message. She called me a sad ass and said no wonder my boyfriend left me, then proceeded to block me.


I never recovered from the blow dealt to me when he left, and to have it picked on was way more than what I could handle. To be accused and insulted was too much for me. It hurt so much and I wish I wasn’t alive.


Please be careful before you speak. Just because you have never gone through a similar situation does not give you any right to criticize and insult someone. I just wish people would be more thoughtful and kind the way they expect others to be.


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