Things I Wish You Knew: Brother



Soon, you will be off to college pursuing your dreams of fashion marketing and design. You will hit it big and will live an amazing future. I’m proud of you as a younger sister.


Our childhood was always fun with occasional fights that we would laugh off minutes later. I remember us eating cereal at the breakfast table and we disagreed on something. Somehow, it turned into a fight with hair pulling and we ended up on the floor. We would hear mom coming and straighten ourselves as if it never happened. Looking back, it sure looked stupid and I wish we had been more mature. Life progressed on with you having your own circle of friends and me having mine. We started drifting apart and having more arguments. We physically fought, but most of the time I would end up with wounds. I still cannot fathom how much you have changed. From the loving brother who would speak up against anyone who would mistreat me to the brother who would not even give a second thought to hitting his own sister.


I’m glad you found your own buddies that you can call at anytime and hang out with. It feels good to see you happy.


Do well in college and make mom and dad proud. Take care of your health.


Your sister


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